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Post by Maria Rosa on Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:01 am

Dear Elizabeth,

If I may, it is my turn to tell you a story.  A real story...

About four years ago I started playing in an online game.  The kind you log in, create a fantasy character, join guilds and fight against enemies and monsters together while communicating through chat messages and voice only.  Learning little by little about the real life of your fellow players without ever seeing their faces.  It was so strange and such an experience at the same time.  Never knowing what was true and what was not behind those avatars who shared so many hours with you.  
I was known as "M" and became kind of like the "elder" of the group so no bad behavior or terribly bad language while I was on.  

While in game, I got the chance to meet a very nice, interesting and smart lady. She is ex military a veteran, yet she is quite young.  She could be my daughter.  We quickly became friends and moved our friendship to Facebook. So she became real.

She brought a friend to the game with her, "Little Lonely".

Little Lonely was a very good player, smart, helpful, reserved.  We would always communicate through written chat and always apologized for not using voice chat. "Don't have a microphone" she would say.

In confidence my veteran friend told me Little Lonely was not an adult but that she was a very sweet mature 13 year old girl that was ill and playing was her only recreation.

I kept the secret while making sure our group stayed PG13.

Little Lonely and I started connecting on the side too.  She would send me private messages making all kinds of questions especially about the meaning of life, love and family. Before I knew it she became very important to me. We would also exchange mails and became friends in Facebook.

One day while we were playing, I received a pm from her.  I knew she had not been well but nothing prepared me for the news.  She was having lung transplant surgery the next day and wanted to let me know that she loved me and that she was grateful for all that we shared and that I was special to her.  Oh Lord, who gave who?

Her Godfather gave us the sad news... she left us October 26, 2010

This is her story.

Little Lonely was a Native American belonging to the Cree Nation.  She was born as a result of the rape of her mother who took her own life because of the shame.  Little Lonely was treated as an outcast. And though I know her grandfather loved her very much, this didn´t protected her from being gang raped also and left to die after having her throat cut when she was a little child.

The soulless b... not only left her without a voice (she could speak no more) but gave her TB (tuberculosis).

She survived.

Her name was Claudia Ever  (Otehema)

She was smart, loving and so, so beautiful.  She was a poet... and she was a true warrior.

This is something she wrote in her diary before her death.  

5 de octubre de 2010 a la(s) 13:21

The darkness upon me
Growls its violation.
The darkness using me
Enjoy its profanation.

Nowhere to hide
Hoping to die.
The time won’t stop
The monster on top.

The breath of darkness
With its putrid caress
Continues its progress
Ignoring any distress.

No need to pray
For innocence is easy prey.
The shame will stay
For the innocent must pay

The darkness upon me
Satisfies its action
The darkness brings to me
A last attention.

The blades came fast
Bringing their metal kiss
Eyes will close at last
Shutting away its hiss.

Alas even Death
Refuse the last breath.
Alas Death plays its game
And abandons me to my shame

This is the face of a Warrior... MY little warrior, who is lonely no more...

The Bronze Blade M5xQ3w

This is the link to her picture... couldn´t insert it
Maria Rosa
Maria Rosa

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Post by Admin on Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:12 pm

Thank you for sharing her story, Maria. The Bronze Blade is dedicated to the survivors, and it sounds like Claudia was a shining example of the strength of the human spirit. What an extraordinary young woman. I pray for peace for you and her family.

Best wishes, Elizabeth


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